Will the Corona Virus End? The world is asking for help … China and Italy are the most affected

Italy has surpassed by comparison with China, the percentage of Corona victims, which is a frightening scenario that Western countries, especially the United States, are afraid of presenting a convincing strategy to their people so far.

The population of China amounts to one billion and 300 million people, and the number of injuries as of March 17th has reached 81,135 cases, the number of deaths is 3221 and the number of people recovering is more than 68,000. 2503 The number of uninfected persons did not exceed 2749.

Italy has a population of 60 million, which is 20 times less than that of China, and yet, it now stands unable to contain this deadly breathing virus.

And compared to Europe, the number of injuries on Tuesday was 69 thousand and 746 and 2664, knowing that the population of Europe is 40% of the total population of China.

Given the high number of frightening numbers in Europe, the number of injuries in Europe may exceed injuries and deaths in China before the end of this week. France, Spain, Germany, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands admit that they are beginning to spread the virus in the Italian way, and are expecting the worst in the coming days. French President Manuel Macron confirmed in his speech last night that France is facing a healthy war and the situation is very serious. His colleagues in the European Union went in the same direction, which explains the expected border closure in Europe.

Europe is turning its eyes on the Chinese experience of trapping the virus, and Chinese medical teams have started arriving in European countries for assistance, as was the case with Italy or consulting via means of advanced technological means.